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The solution "UMAD"provides instant video surveillance of sensitive sites.

The solution is equipped with 3 intelligent motorized domes with intrusion detection software.

This solution provides video alarm feedback in the event of detection of a human being or vehicle over a 200 m radius.

• Steel frame and epoxy paint finish

• Safe steering handlebar with electric axle

• Ring de grutage  central

• Telescopic mast 4 m adjustable with safety lock

• Integrated diesel generator with 35 liters of tank

• Autonomy of 15 days in normal use

• Hybrid system with battery and energy management

• 3 motorized domes with 25 X optical zoom

• 2 megapixel resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

• Hardened server with 1TB SSD recording

• Detection by integrated software

•High-powered 130 dB audio system for questioning

• Vision above the horizon

• Backup power supply on battery pack AGM  105 ampères

• Supervised hardened 3G modem

• Long range OUTDOOR WIFI connection

• Operating temperature – 40° to + 65°

• Easy displacement  with fork passage

• 220 V output for third-party device power supply



New generation

Motorized mobile video surveillance unit with rapid deployment, 3 infrared motorized domes, electric axle, integrated hybrid generator, connected  3G/4G.

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CCTV range

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