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Thefts of grapes,Potato theft,Flights from CBD,Fruit thefts,Thefts of medical cannabis,Thefts in vegetable crops,Thefts of mushrooms,Thefts of Tractors,Diesel thefts,Thefts of shells,Livestock thefts

Monitoring of agricultural areas, fruit trees,vineyards, CBD cultivation and breeding


Protect your precious crops in France with DUOBOX VIGITRACKING

mobile video surveillance unit“DUOBOX – IA”provides video surveillance of sensitive sites.

This system isready to hang on wall or post, he is equipped with2 domes 360°and asound and visual deterrent system.
• Reinforced epoxy resin box with fixing support.
• 2 domes 360° with infrared zoom 25 X infrared 200 m
•   optical camera resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
• Built-in power supply/inverter
• Industrial switch   and integrated long-range wifi access point
• Operating temperature – 30° to + 60°C
Interface Ethernet RJ4510M/100M
• Supported browser, IE9+, Chrome31, FIREFOX 30/51, SAFARI 5.02+(mac)
• Micro SD card slot
• Authentication security (ID and PASSWORD)
• HTTPS encryption, IEEE802.1X access control, IP address filtering…

• Cyber security standard ISO IEC 15408
• Dimensions: 1100 W x 500 H  x 200 D mm, weight 25Kg.

proteger vos récoltes en France ip-mirador DUOBOX-VIGITRACKING IA.jpg
Contact us about your agricultural or livestock area

IP-Mirador protects a CBD farm in France

Operating at large remote sites,many farms face intrusions, crop theft and other security risks.

To protect his precious CBD crops from potential thieves, a farm in France implemented an advanced thermal imaging and intruder alarm solution fromHikvision.

For farmers, security is important to protect valuable crops and livestock.

This is particularly the case in rural and remote areas, wherephysical monitoring of fields and paddocks 24 hours a day is difficult, if not impossible.
For these reasons, safety is a major requirement on the farm  Weedling's Finest CBD in Aspiran, in France, which supplies raw material to the cosmetic and therapeutic CBD industry, an industry that is experiencing rapid growth.

Although the flowers of CBD plants have no psychoactive effects, they are often confused with other types of flowering cannabis plants that do, leading to frequent field invasions and the theft of crops by would-be thieves. .
To ensure that valuable CBD crops - and farm income - are protected, Siegfried Wendling, owner of Weedling's Finest, needed to increase security in a large CBD field.

The main requirements were to automatically detect field invasions and warn intruders before crops were damaged or stolen. Additionally, the farm owner wanted to be alerted to any intrusion via a mobile device, allowing him to react quickly to prevent losses.
Another key requirement was long-range incident detection, as mains power was only available in one corner of the CBD field.

Also, any security solution had to work with very limited network coverage. 



To protect its precious crops, the CBD farm chose an advanced security system from Hikvision, which was installed by one of France's leading security companies, IP Mirador.The solution integrates a bi-spectrum thermal & optical dome camera (DS-2TD4237-25), capable of detecting intruders up to a distance of 200 meters. This is connected to a Hikvision AX PRO panel with a siren attached and coupled with a powerful LED light.
When intruders enter the CBD field, the Hikvision camera detects their presence based on their body temperature, triggering an alarm in the AX PRO panel. The siren is then activated immediately and the LED light flashes to let perpetrators know they have been spotted.

At the same time, an alert is sent to the farm owner via his mobile device, allowing him to react immediately. Since the farm owner lives close to the CBD field, he can get there quickly to avoid crop theft.
In addition to thermal detection of intruders, the Hikvision camera provides clear and detailed evidence of security incidents via the camera's optical video stream.

With high resolution imaging capabilities and a powerful zoom function, details of intruders are recorded and video footage is stored for later use.
In addition to these advantages, the Hikvision solution is very energy efficient and requires very low network bandwidth to transmit alarms to the farm owner. This makes the solution ideal for rural environments such as the CBD farm, with limited network coverage and power supplies.
Siegfried, the farm owner, says: “In the past, intruders had a sense of immunity and would often come and steal our crops openly, even in the middle of the day.Now the Hikvision camera and light and sound alarms mean people are much less likely to enter the property and when they do we can react immediately to prevent loss.

By securing our valuable CBD plants, the Hikvision solution helps us protect our business and revenue, and become more profitable.
With the ability to detect intruders from long distances, trigger sound and light alarms and alert the farm owner in real time, the Hikvision solution is a major deterrent to would-be thieves. The solution also provides peace of mind to the farm owner, who can be confident that their valuable crops are protected, using an effective deterrent. 



Harvest:“Once, they stole 700 kg from me! »“He makes a video to denounce the theft of his potatoes”"Morbihan: a theft of 4.5 tons of oysters and 200 kg of clams"

The company Ip-Miradorhas developed specific solutions forstem the scourge of theft and damage in all agricultural, crop and livestock sectors.

Discover our dissuasive or stealthy solutions in the rangesTotem SolarandViginomad


Oneeye permanent on your farms

Our solutions can beinstalled indoors and outdoors  of your buildings, greenhouses, hangars, warehouses, you can follow and be continuously informed of the comings and goings that take place in your operations.

Oursolutionsarediscreet and stealthy, they can be placedwithout wiringin multiples corner.

So you can easilymonitor what you want, without coming up against the constraints of space and visibility.

Send us your plans, describe your needs, our design office will do the rest 

Farms are located on large perimeters, made up of severalbuildings, fields and farmsaccessible from a large number of roads.

They are therefore easy targets for increasingly professionalized and equipped thieves.

These spaces open to the outside are often poorly supervised despite a significant heritage,agricultural machinery, product processing, agricultural production...



Integrating security into a livestock building is not only about protecting yourself from intrusion, it is also:
-keep oneeye permanentlyon his livestock and on his farm.
-Secure employeesand third parties involved in the operation.


The implementation of agricultural video surveillance makes it possible toprotect your operation, inside and outside your buildingsto protect you from damage and theft.
Protect your agricultural equipment(tools, tractors), your plantations (greenhouses, orchard, vegetable garden, etc.) and your fuel tank.




You only have to cultivate or breed, Ip-Mirador takes care of the rest...

+33 (0)4 67 24 40 84

Contact our specialized department now, we will advise you on the solution best suited to your needs.


Receptionandconsultationof all youralarmsvideo on thecloud.

It is possible to qualify and filter your alarms via thebuilt-in algorithms: Truck, car, bike, human, bus

Monitor alarms wherever you are
The command center software can be deployed intablets / smartphones.
These monthly services without commitment are renewable at will, you only pay for the cloud when you use it.

Hosting and/or remote monitoring services are provided by partner remote monitoring centers

controle a distance smartphone tablette
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