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TechnologyLiDAR  scans the world around him

Enhanced security for yourstructures  to identify, classify and track moving objects in all light conditions, day or night.


QORTEX is a solution based on the exploitation of LiDAR 

This solution offers a perceptionthree-dimensionalfor thevolumetric detectionand theadvanced intrusion tracking.
It detects moving objects against a static background.
It is based on a server-client model.

LiDAR makes it possible to classify objects in order to:
- Accurately locate objects to track uniquely in real time
- Efficiently automate surveillance thanks to the control of cameras in ONVIF
- Customize event zones and exclusion zones with flexible controls


What is LiDAR
Video of the builder Quanergy

GIF_MQ-8-Continous Tracking Map_bluebkgr

How it works ?


Transmitter / Receiver

the transmitter emits pulsed laser light. Time-of-flight receiver measures reflected pulses


Laser illuminated object

A cloud of dots

Real-time 3D imaging

Classified objects

List of people + vehicle objects with position, direction and speed

integration with PTZ camera

Audible alarms

List of areas

Works in all lighting conditions

Automated PTZ control

Reduction of false alarms

Measures keys

  • Simultaneous tracking of more than 250 objects

  • Range of 70 meters

  • 15,000 m² of area coverage

  • Field of view FOV 360o Horizontal


Seamless integration into VMS, Genetec RSA, PFA and Milestone SAIMOS platforms

Real-time human and vehicle tracking

Highly modular and scalable

Resistance to dust, fog, rain and snow

Protection class IP67; high levels of dust, pressure, temperature and water jets

Real-time object information

LiDAR detects intrusions and automates surveillance (no more monitoring multiple cameras and TV screens at the same time)

thelidar, Sensor Powered Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Fence SystemLiDARofQuanergy, associated with a cameraPTZ, provides real-time sensing, tracking and counting using 3D point clouds and color video.

The system usesLiDARto quickly detect any intrusion into a secured area by a human being, and follows this single subject with a security camera to the relevant area.
The system can also zoom, focus, and monitor specific areas of interest.

Current security systems are inefficient and trigger costly false alarms.

By combining these two technologies,LiDARand the camerasPTZcontribute to a new optimized security solution

APPLICATION: Multi-target outdoor PTZ control

Track and analyze anonymously and accurately the flow of peoplein stores, airports, public buildings, commercial and government establishments, industrial warehouses,and this in real time!

LiDAR detects intrusions and automates surveillance (no more monitoring multiple cameras and TV screens at the same time)

APPLICATION indoors, airport

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