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Vigithermal cube

Vigitracking Thermal prevents fire before it breaks out. Its fully autonomous thermal cameras, available in fixed or mobile configuration.  monitor environments likely to cause rapidly spreading fires.


Completely autonomous, available in fixed or mobile configuration. 
Watch  in real time 24/7 and monitor  fire starts  on your site

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Thermal detection

Fire detection

Fire detection

fire thermal camera

The"thermal cameras for fire detection" Vigithermal can be programmed toset temperaturefrom which aalarm signalmust be generated.
According to the set temperature alarm, thethermal surveillance camerascan detect a fire during theincipient or smoldering combustioncreating aclear thermal imageon which the smallest details are visible. 
They performtemperature measurementspermanent and can" see "themhot spotswell before smoke or flames appear. In the event of alerts and when athermal thresholdalert is reached,"Fire detection", they can automatically send images and thermal data to a PC via e-mail (SMTP) or FTP.

Staff can then view the screen to verify the problem and its exact location.


Fires: "Degradation with consequences as costly as dangerous"

CNPP CERTIFICATE issued for thermal camera heat detection systems

CERTIFICATION CNPP Security products  fire and safety


It's one thing to be able to detect a hot spot that could cause a fire, it's another matter to prevent it from turning into a fire. Therefore, many companies and also insurance companies are creating a system that can not only detect hot spots, but also cool them immediately in order to prevent a fire from occurring.

cube vigitracking F.png


Powerful sound system 135db

4.5m pneumatic mast

AUTONOMOUS, MOBILE and CONNECTED Vigitracking thermal equipped with thermal surveillance cameras protects your infrastructures and sensitive sites (…)

Color sensor


Thermal sensor

- Dual redundant chargers
- Gel technology batteries

- Fuel cell
- Solar panel

• 2 BI-SPECTRUM Domes 
• Resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels
• Thermal 640 x 512 pixels
• 36X optical zoom
• Min. Lighting:
  Color: 0.002 Lux @ (F1.5, AGC ON)
  B/W: 0.0002 Lux @ (F1.5, AGC ON)
  0 Lux with IR
• Smart Tracking
• Intelligent detection
• 200m IR distance
• Wiper 
• H.265+/H.265 video compression

Fire start prevention

❞ Prevent fire before it breaks out
Don't let anything get away from you ❞


Surveillance thermal camera

Option :trailer


"Crantable", "towable", " Fork passage "allow it to be positioned in a few minutes on an area to be monitored.
Trailer optional.

Transmission of alarms

1/ On smartphone app








transmission alarmes

Transmission of alarms

2/ On voice call/SMS
On PC software and remote monitoring





PREVENTION: Thermal monitoringreveals thehidden threatsin the dark, veiled by dust, fog, smoke and atmospheric pollutants. 
They reveal clearly and in real time thehigh, low and medium temperaturesof an image as well as the location ofhot spotson a remote video or computer screen.


SURVEILLANCE : Thermal monitoringmonitors your infrastructures, the environments toheat loadas well ashazardous areas and materials, which are likely to causerapidly spreading fires
thermal cameras are a very effective means of prevention because they help find theorigin of claimsand provide the initial traces of fire.

DETECTION: Thermal monitoringuses Intelligent algorithms with artificial intelligence"Thermal Motion Detection" and"fire detection".

They can with great accuracy identify smoke or flames and fires at their source, masked, smoldering fires and burning liquids by passing through the smoke.


ALARM : Thermal monitoringtriggers alarms if thetemperatureexceeds one limitates high (or low)defined or when it increases too rapidly. If an abnormal increase in temperature is observed,an alert is triggered. It is possible to change the alarm temperature setting.

The system qualifies the information  to avoid any false alerts.


RESPONSE: One of the most devastating characteristics of a fire is its ability to spread, which is why afast and reliable detectionis essential. 
Thanks to thermal camerasThermal monitoring, the operator can precisely locate the source of the fire as well as the endangered goods, which can save valuable time andimprove intervention processes.


ANALYSIS: Vigitracking Thermal performs non-contact permanent scans sent to a screen or smartphone as well as to a digital storage device. These analyzes make it possible to trigger alarms according to the temperature thresholds which have been determined,  to anticipate fire starts, to determine thethe causes of the fire from the recorded videos, in particular in the case of the search for evidence. 

ECONOMY: Thermal camerasThermal monitoringcan be used forsave hundreds of thousandseurosavoiding thedeterioration of products and structures becauseimpending fires are identified at a very early stage
Thermal camerasconsume little energy, do not require any maintenance, nor any expensive lighting avoidcostly false alarms.


RELIABILITY: Thermal camerasThermal monitoringdo not requireno lighting to produce their images, they can therefore perform acontinuous monitoringof all your structure types, lights off. 
Due to temperature differences between objects,thermal imaging sensors produce a sharp image, whatever the lighting conditions, day or night.


Who is affected by the installation of thermal cameras?


let's start by the beginning ❞ Fire starts quicklycontained, contained fire ❞

This is where it starts, we can prevent the money from going up in smoke!

Detect, alert the firefighters as soon as possible possible even before the fire is perceived by the eye human, it's not human science fiction.

The thermal camera for fire detection combined with intelligent video analysis software is a particularly powerful tool for detecting variations in heat,it can detect a risk before the presence of flame or smoke.

Early detection of fires
Early fire watch
Fire start thermal camera
Fire start detection
Fire start prevention
Fire prevention solutions
Fire detection thermal cameras

❞ Fire monitoring of recycling centers ❞

The risk ofheating and fire is considerablewhen de waste treatment. The waste pits are very often the homes ofoutbreak of fire, invisible embers at the eye nu  that could start a devastating fire.

Thanks to fire detection early system Thermal monitoring,you will be able mesurer  permanently the temperature of your waste warehouse, any risk will be quickly eliminated.


❞ In Fresnes-sur-Escaut, a fire destroys 2000m3 of waste - August 6, 2020 ❞
 ❞  Major fire in a waste disposal center near Toulouse - July 14, 2000 ❞

❞  PIGNAN: Impressive fire at the Biocama recycling center - August 5, 2020 ❞ 


Monitoring a waste pit using thermal cameras

Search for heat sources in waste collection centers
Thermal monitoring of waste collection centers
Temperature measurement in a waste collection center


Video surveillance thermal monuments

❞ Fire monitoring of monuments (see Notre Dame de Paris) ❞

As recommended by historical heritage specialists,  in terms of fire risk, it is necessary tomake "tailor-made"to protect our  heritage buildings.

A few thousand euros invested in a solution forvideo surveillance thermal typeThermal monitoringare likely to save  most often the taxpayer  an expense of several million euros for reconstruction and restoration.


❞ Fire in Nantes Cathedral - July 26, 2020 ❞

❞ Notre-Dame brûle - April 15, 2019 ❞

monuments historiques

❞ Fire monitoring of hangars, warehouses, factories, storage areas ❞

Around the world, very valuable assets are stored in sheds,warehouses,factories,storage areas.

Fires can destroy an entire warehouse in a very short time and this requires  the implementation of  latest generation fire detection technologies.
Thermal monitoringprevents fires,  destruction of the structure of the warehouse, electrical cables and all equipment allowing the preservation of goods.


❞  Gard: a 4000m² warehouse on fire in Aigues-Mortes❞
 ❞  Bobigny: a suspicious fire destroys a textile warehouse ❞

❞  Fire ravages 500 m2 of a warehouse in Vitry-en-Perthois ❞ 


Temperature control in logistics warehouses
Thermal cameras to protect warehouse goods
Warehouse fire detection


❞ Fire monitoring of chemical products ❞

Securing sensitive places where l'onstoresproducts dangerousisparamount, it isconstantly monitor the temperature around these materials  in order to ensure the safety of personnel and to encourage effective process control.
For example the case of awarehouse reserved for the storage of barrels of chemicals, this one benefits from an integral protection because the barrels cannot be completely preserved from humidity.

It is therefore possible for leaks to occur or for the contents of the barrels to be contaminated by air and humidity, thus causing asignificant increase in temperature due to a chemical reaction.

In the end, there is a risk of fire or even explosion. 

Fire detection petrochemical installations
Gas cylinder fire detection 
Seveso fire detection
Sensitive site fire detection
Fuel storage fire detection
Flammable product fire detection
Temperature measurement in a chemical site
Temperature measurement in a petrochemical site
Petrochemical thermal monitoring
Petrochemical fire detection


❞  Explosions in Beirut: ammonium nitrate involved❞

❞  Fire of chemical products: the rain would be the cause of the fire❞

❞  Lubrizol fire: the mayor of Rouen opposes an increase in the activity of the chemical plant❞


❞ Park fire monitoringphotovoltaic

A photovoltaic panel can bedefective, at  that time some of its elements may becomeflammable.

Ip-Miradoris an expert in risk managementphotovoltaic fire by thermal camerasin France, elle ensure theoptimal security of your installations. 

Solar energy is booming, and solar panels are both expensive and vulnerable. To protect their investment, many solar power plant owners choose the  systemVigitracking Thermal based on thermal cameras.

Virtual barrier equipped with high-definition intelligent infrared sensors, a siren, a wireless 2G/3G/4G gateway, on long battery life - monitoring of the environment and removal of doubts in real time.


❞  South of Nantes. Fire in a photovoltaic park❞
 ❞  Gétigné. A violent fire starts from the Écarpière solar power plant ❞


Preventive maintenance of photovoltaic panels

Preventive maintenance of photovoltaic farms

Temperature measurement in a photovoltaic park

Solar panel temperature measurement

parc photovoltaique

❞ Fire monitoring of power plants ❞

Thermal camerasVigitracking Thermal ensure aefficient and permanent monitoring of power plants, of thefire risk areasor industrial processes involving self-igniting materials.

They triggeralarms if the temperature exceeds a high (or low) limitdefined or when it increases too rapidly.

Thermal imaging cameras with explosion protection are certified worldwide for hazardous environments. 


❞  In Lespinasse, spectacular fire in a hydroelectric power station❞

❞  Ile-de-France: an incident on a transformer in Cergy❞

Power plant fire detection
Explosion protection, 
Maintenance of electrical networks

centrale électrique

❞ Fire surveillance in car parks, car parks and transport companies ❞

Theparking lotsopen to the public ERP,car parks and dealershipsWheretransport companieswith many trucks are at risk of fires.

The round trips of overheated vehicles due to excessive heat can be monitored in real time by thermal cameras.

CamerasThermal monitoring  detect temperature variations within a predefined zone in advance and automatically alert according to the settings that have been made.
the rise or fall in temperatures can be seen in real time from the video viewing.

Early fire prevention tool,this solution is used to anticipate potential fire outbreaks.


Temperature measurement in a car park,
Temperature measurement in a transport company

Parking thermal camera surveillance


❞  Fire in the Mayol car park in Toulon❞

❞  Huge fire in a car dealership south of Toulouse❞


Vigitracking Thermal thermal cameras
❞the must for fire pre-detection❞


Our source fire detection solutions can secure more and more sites, save more and more money, ensure people's lives first !

Fire detection in tunnels
Fire detection ports
paper mill fire detection
Fire detection production workshop 
Metro/station fire detection,
Railway fire detection
Fire detection for hazardous environments,
Fire detection for industrial installations,
Fire detection Nuclear power plants

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