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Professional video surveillance solution for the railway sector

Ip-Mirador offers innovative solutions forspecific video surveillance for the railway industry.

They cover both the functions ofmonitoring of tracks, warehouses, theft of cables and damage of any other nature.


Security is one of the major challenges of the railway industry and the functionalities of Ip-Mirador video surveillance solutions are constantly evolving to adapt to all issues.


Each system relies on an evolving range of equipment:


  • Long distance perimeter protection, day, night, bad weather

  • Transportable and cranable CCTV towere

  • Anti-intrusion system managed by artificial intelligence

  • Effective alarm and deterrence system

  • Transmission of alarms, smartphone, PC   and remote monitoring center

  • Partial or total power supply autonomy


Innovation is at the heart of Ip-Mirador's product design. 

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